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Terms of use

How to place an order

All the orders have to be placed online. Only for particular cases we accept orders by phone. An order is to be intended confirmed, when the customer receives a copy via e-mail of the order’s acceptance. In this connection the customer has to verify the copy of the order and to communicate immediately any mistakes.


Prices and availability

All prices are in Euro and include tax.



We accept the following ways of payment:

»Bank transfer to Bottecchia Cicli Srl  

V.le E. Ferrari 15/17 30014 Cavarzere VE – Italia

iban: IT75L0200812140000003216838 showing on the payment reason the order number and sending a copy of the payment via e-mail to:

»Credit card: in this case the payments will be accepted only if the card owner is the same person who place the order          


Why to pay online is safe

When you purchase through by using your credit card, it’s not only easy but also totally safe. In fact, all the transactions are handled for us from the the PagOnline service of Unicredit Bank Spa. By choosing to pay online with credit card, you will reach our payment page on the safe Pagonline server of Unicredit bank spa immediately after having sent the order. There you could make the payment on a safe and protected page, by writing your credit card details in the provided form.

The Exchange of data between your pc and the server of the bank, is protected from the SSL record (Secure Sockets Layer), with SSL cryptography Certificate. The server of the bank will carry all the data into the authorization system, by immediately returning the result of the operation. The process finishes after few second and there is no possibility that somebody could interfere in any way with the transaction. A simple, reliable and safe system:

- Simple, as it doesn’t require any plug-in or additional software on your pc

- Reliable, as you will immediately receive an e-mail to confirm the transaction’s result.

- Safe, as you will give your credit card details directly to the bank, through a safe connection.


Shipments in Italy

To ship the goods we use National express couriers services.

The customer shares the transport cost with a contribution, as stated below:

- For orders which are less than euro 100,00, the transport cost will be of euro 12,00

- For orders which are more than euro 100,00 the transport will be free of charge.

The forwarder doesn’t make any delivery to the door. The consignment to the door depends on the delivery man, who can’t leave the van unattended to make his job. The forwarder doesn’t make any  delivery on appointment at a specific hour. We’ll take care to satisfy all your needs, as reported on the notes area of the order form.


Process of the order

The orders will be dispatched within 72 hours after having receive the order confirmation via e-mail from the company. The delivery in 24/48 hours is guaranteed from the express couriers, except for Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, Apulia and Basil  where they need 72 hours. We don’t deliver abroad.



Bottecchia Cicli SRL delivers the products to the address shown when filling the registration. The deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday , except for the holidays during those days. In particular, the orders received on Thursday, will be dispatched starting from the following Monday, except for particular cases. To avoid any unease, we please ask you to give us an address where the courier can always find somebody. If the package would show any damage when delivered, we please ask you to accept the goods by writing the following when signing: “we accept the goods subject to verification”. If you will find any damage after the package opening please contact us to the following e-mail address Apart for isolated cases, our goods is always in perfect condition at the moment of delivery.



You can terminate the order within 10 (ten) days from the receipt of the goods, by giving written notice by a registered letter and returning the goods subject to the termination in very good conditions and without damaging. In this cases, the costs to return the goods have to be borne by the consumer which is responsible for the goods until the redelivery. The registered letter must be sent to the sender address which is  indicated on the shipment. As soon as we receive the goods (in perfect conditions), we’ll return the total amount following the customer instructions.



For any kind of controversies, under the current regulations, the place of jurisdiction is the one of the consumer’s residence, for any other user the place of jurisdiction is that of Venice (Italy). 

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