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The first Italian folding bike

Graziella can actually be considered the icon of the Italian sixties. It’s one the most famous “made in Italy” symbols, seen that it has been the first folding bike in the Italian market, sponsored and promoted by famous celebrities like the Italian actress Brigitte Bardot and the painter Salvador Dalì. All Italian families had one at home since it become an everyday object used easily by all the family, and gradually all folding bikes were called “Graziella” even if they weren’t the official model.


Besides being an Italian icon, Graziella today has important innovations regarding the technical aspects, that make it an innovative and new bicycle. From the Shimano Nexsus 3s shifters integrated into the hub, that allows you to shift gears also when not moving, to the special 20” hydroformed aluminum frame, characterized by the die-cast rear stay, and the front integrated light into the frame, that reminds the sixties style.


Graziella with its fashion details and innovative technologies has become an actual symbol of Italian style in the world.

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