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A special friend, your Graziella

Graziella folding bikes are becoming always more popular, sometime also more than normal city bicycles.

But what makes them so special and attractive?

Discover now all the advantages!


- Easy to carry. Graziella can be carried on the car or on public transport, as a baggage.

- Dimensions. Graziella can be keept in small spaces, at home or in office, avoiding weather damages, thefts or accidental damages.

- Weight. Graziella weight between 10 and 15 kg.

- Manageability. Small wheels allows to steer easily and move fast in the traffic.

- Versatility. You can use it every day in the city center or for little longer distance.

- The technology. Graziella with Shimano Nexus 3 speeds can face little climbs and allows to ride easily with no stress. The integrated rear derailleur to the hub and the front light integrated into the frame, make the design clean and attractive.


Graziella: a small jewel with potentialities.

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