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Stile Libero 6S, the newest and refined look!

In the new 2019 collection there is an already known and much loved model, but this time with an extra gear...
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The new METRO 6S Graziella arrives, a young and modern look!

The lines of the London Underground that inspired our Metro 1S are tinged with blue to give life to the new Graziella Metro 6S.
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Have you ever thought to the folding bike to move in the city?

Many workers face everyday home-work routes that require the use of public transport and to better organize themselves, they have chosen the practicality of a folding bicycle.
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Genio Electric 7s when history meets technology

Graziella has been able to renew itself and keep up with the times by weaving together the historicity of the unmistakable design with the latest technological trends in the bike sector. .
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Graziella, original since 1964

The Graziella folding bike was born in 1964 from the creative project of Rinaldo Donzelli.
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Travels and holidays, your summer riding a Graziella

Finally summer has arrived and it's time to organize your holidays! Thanks to its compact size and practical closing system, Graziella can be conveniently transported in a suitcase.
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Choose all the details, from first to last!

Graziella is so charming and trendy because you can choose every detail and customize its character.
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Between tradition and innovation

Graziella knows how to perfectly integrate traditional elements that recall the historicity of design, with innovative technologies that make it a bike in step with the times.
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The most loved

Everyone wants Graziella! Discover which are the most popular models: classic, modern or electric, Graziella is a symbol that never goes out of fashion.
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Folding is better

The bike is in general a perfect way to move, but if what you are looking for a practical and efficient way to get around the city, surely the Folding Graziella is the best choice.
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Graziella is available in three colour versions: the smart Graziella Brigitte, the fashion Graziella Salvador and the sporting Graziella Passione.
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History of the Graziella
The history of the great Graziella was born on 1964 from the project of Rinaldo Donzelli. The scent of of freedom and the jaunty air of the sixties, reflect on the elegance...
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Concept Design
Graziella is not only the result of a restyling, but the commemoration of an Italian myth from the past, of a well recognizable style made of many important details...
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