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Folding is better

The bike is in general a perfect way to move, but if what you are looking for a practical and efficient way to get around the city, surely the Folding Graziella is the best choice.
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The ingenious folding bike

Graziella Genio Electric 7s evokes the design and the appeal of the vintage model of 1964
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Franco Cacciatori, the climber in Graziella and flip flops

We interviewed a friend, cyclist and passionate who made of his Graziella a real passion! Class 1956, Franco Cacciatori is a veronese doc with the passion and enthusiasm of a 20 year-old who never leave his Graziella.
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Ready for the city?

Every Graziella is unique. As its rider.
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Graziella Bellini arrives in America

Graziella Bellini was born from the collaboration with Casa Vinicola Canella, a special edition in the special "Pink Bellini" coloring.

The limitless appeal of Graziella Salvador

Graziella Salvador, blue and white, has become a cult model, thanks to its unique and unmistakable lines and details. Expression of independence and sophistication, it is the ideal vehicle for all people looking for an alternative way to experience the city.
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The G of Graziella

For the recent restyling the main focus was on the recalling of the first model, made in 1964
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Your city, your Stile

Graziella Stile Libero 1V, with its exclusive design, underlined by the refined matt blue color of the frame, represents a modern interpretation of the classical Graziella.
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A special friend, your Graziella

Graziella folding bikes are becoming always more popular, sometime also more than normal city bicycles.
But what makes them so special and attractive?
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The first Italian folding bike

Graziella can actually be considered the icon of the Italian sixties. It’s one the most famous “made in Italy” symbols, seen that it has been the first folding bike in the Italian market, sponsored and promoted by famous celebrities.
Discover all the features and details that make it the one and only Italian folding bike!
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Graziella is available in three colour versions: the smart Graziella Brigitte, the fashion Graziella Salvador and the sporting Graziella Passione.
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History of the Graziella
The history of the great Graziella was born on 1964 from the project of Rinaldo Donzelli. The scent of of freedom and the jaunty air of the sixties, reflect on the elegance...
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Concept Design
Graziella is not only the result of a restyling, but the commemoration of an Italian myth from the past, of a well recognizable style made of many important details...
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Buy the new Graziella on the web and receive it, completely assembled, directly to your home. Discover the complete range of accessories to make you bike unique and find again the spirit of the sixties.
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