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Design of the frame

Graziella is not simply the result of a restyling, but the return of an Italian myth from the past, ofan unmistakable style made of lots of important details, key parts that immediately permits torecognize the product. The characteristics of the past should blend together with thetechnologies of today so to join the vintage style to a refined “urban style”. The new design wasassigned to Studio Volpi from Varese (Italy) and started from the frame and the carrier. They triedto stay as more close as possible to the original design, bringing back a female shape but giving itmore modernity by changing the tubes section. New and important details on the folding deviceand the solution of the integrated light to the frame, gave a lot of interest to this project from thetechnical point of view. The modern appeal of the bike has been a bit dimmed from the retro details, with the eco-leather saddle and grips.

Graphic Design

The new Graziella, with its retro style and the unmistakable urban style, has been enhanced by agraphic which emphasizes the lines and the character. The graphic design, starting from the newlogo and the choose of the colors, has been studied from the Gusella adv agency from Padua(Italy), so to enhanced the shapes with precious details. The exclusive eco-leather accessories,coordinated with the 3 different colors and created to complete and customize the bike, show the fashion character of the new Graziella.

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