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colour: white-hazel

The smart Graziella Brigitte, white and hazel, represents the excellence of the fashion bike with a vintage style. The deep care put on the classical but functional details, embellishes the exclusive design, expression of the Italian talent and tradition. The Graziella Brigitte, with its unmistakable urban-chic, is addressed to the polished user, who doesn’t renounce to the style and the elegance.
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colour: blue-white

The nonconformist spirit of the Graziella Salvador, blue and white, is a cult object for the fashion victim, thanks to its scent of freedom and to its unique marks. Expression of independence and refinement, it represents the ideal “dress code” for the urban use dedicated to those people which are looking for an alternative way to live the city. The special color white and blue gives a precious note to the exclusive design of the new Graziella Salvador, underlining the shapes with unmistakable style and charisma.
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colour: matt black-gold

It was born as an emblem of the metropolitan glam. The Graziella Passione, matt black and gold, joins a refined and snappy racing style to the needs of the modern and demanding rider. The gold details underline the Graziella Passione, making it a precious jewel with a everlasting charm, the real essence of the fashion style. A bike without compromises that expresses its personality in every situation.
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WOW Collection

The famous Graziella, the only and original italian folding bike, launches the new 2016 collection “WOW Collecion”: five new amazing models! Three new proposals to live the mobility in an unique way: Graziella Agile, Graziella Metro e Graziella Stilelibero, and the big and long-awaited news: Graziella Genio Electric e Graziella Agile Electric, the first Graziella e-bike. “Wow effect” guaranteed!
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On the new Graziella design and elegance blend together with the non-conformist spirit and the desire of freedom, thanks to the exclusive accessories, designed and made in Italy, which completed the bike on its three exclusive colors.
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The scent of freedom and the jaunty air of the sixties reflect on the elegance of the new Graziella. This polished folding bike, with the 20" aluminium frame, represents an icon of the italian style and design, thanks to its fashion connotations and its smart details.

The new Graziella stand out for the unmistakable frame, which performs in a modern key the non conformist spirit of the sixties. It is available in 3 exclusive colours: Graziella Brigitte, Graziella Salvador and Graziella Passione.

The front light
The front light, integrated to the hydro formed frame, has a led technology to ensure the best possible lighting of the area facing forwards. Modernity and tradition join together on the snappy design of the light, on its unique shape. Moreover, this peculiarity of the integrated light, draws on one of the technical characteristic of the original Graziella (60’s) by giving to the new model an
unmistakable retro style.
The exclusive and new pedals made of steel and resin, totally folding, permit to easily fold the Graziella into the smallest possible space. Easy to be folded and to be opened with a simple “click”.
The unmistakable “G” forged on the frame, gives to Graziella the elegant character of the bike, referring to the first Graziella series on 1964.
Vintage bell
The ring of the 60’s is back on the roads thanks to the bell of the new Graziella, inspired to the very first series on 1964. Trendy, smart and refined, the Graziella bell represents one of the vintage components which give to the bike an exclusive fashion look.
Eco-leather grips
The vintage style of the new Graziella, reflects on the exclusive eco-leather grips, coordinated with the color of the bike, embellished from the unmistakable “G” and the refined visible stitching. The pleasant ride is guaranteed also from the internal pad, that permits a pleasant grip.
Folding device
The exclusive system with integrated axles gives to the folding device an incredible resistance and solidity. Thanks to this handy folding device, Graziella will be folded with a unique movement, guaranteed the maximum convenience and the best safely, thanks to the security system.
The original aluminium carter gives a retro style to the new Graziella, by joining elegance to the handiness of the closed carter, that avoid the metropolitan rider to get dirty with the chain.
Rear light
The rear removable led light, gives a touch of glam to the look and to the design of Graziella, as it is integrated with the line of the frame by giving emphasize to the shapes
Shimano Nexus
The bike rides with your new Graziella will be more pleasant thanks to Shimano Nexus 3 speeds, integrated to the rear hub. It permits to choose the shifts also by the brakes. This special shifting system offers a special cleanness and aestethyc functionality, which prevents the chain to goes out from the ring and from the rear chainring.
The Revo Shift shifter, comfortably integrated to the bar, permits to easily change the shift of the Graziella, for a pleasant ride.
Graziella can be folded in just 20 seconds,to occupy a compact space of only 86x63x40 cm, so to be easily carried on the bus, on the train and on the cars, thanks to the practical bag. Respect to the classical model of 1964, some improvements were brought so to make it more compact, as the folding bar and pedals.
Rear stay
The design of the die-cast aluminum rear stay, with forged details, was designed to bring back the original lines of the 1964, reviewed in a modern key.

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